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Sunday, June 12, 2011
12 june 2011

never posted for a long time le, today is fun! hahas! ^^ enjoyed the whole day, went to camp comm meeting, buy logs, and also had tuition plus some crazy blind poker and stress!! hahas! althought my hw not done, but i still slacking. abit scared le! help!! hahas! ^^ posted alot of pics in fb le, hahas! so many!! i just finally cleaned up my com! so may things lying around!

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Monday, February 7, 2011
7 february 2011

hellooo ppl!! hahas.
went to school early today! reached abt 7.15 am(:
waited for stpeh to bring her to hall(:
hahas. then break super long...
then waited at the queue 1 hr plus for my pe tshirt and also my shorts, although in the end still didn't managed to buy it, thanks steph for buying for me!! (:
anw, why this yr nt wear fbt??!! i want!!!
zomg. ok...
i know my class le, currntly namelist say that my class, 11s15 gt 25 ppl, 8 girls, 17 guys. so diff from 4r3!!
but this list is temporary de coz maybe gt ppl appeal in or out.
but they never say what combi i taking... abit weird right??
went for gp lesson, quite a few ppl late coz queue for uniform ma.
had the lecture, was all abt singapore in different perceptions. so yup.
then waited 1 hr for junhao to bring me to charmaine's hse coz i dunno how go-.- i'm such a road idiot!!
hahas. ok. then go charmaine's hse take uniform from her, as well as notes on h1 chem, h2 maths and gp. yup. hahas(: heavy eh!!(: ahahs. ok. then go home.
hehe. tried on uniform, nt used to skirt zip at the back and also nt used to the design of the skirt.
it liik exactly like my primary school skirt wor!! but gt 2 pockets instead of one and colour diff.
ok. that's all(: bye(: god bless(: (:

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Friday, February 4, 2011
4 february 2011

yo ppl!! happy chinese new yr!! hahas.
it's the second day of chinese new yr le!! hahas

anw, i'm actually quite sad i didnt get into mj, but oh well, i believe god has a purpose for me to be in tpjc!!
addicted to tpjc's mass dance and also their cheer and college song le (:
hehe. their sch song nice eh(: to me only. others i dunno.,,

hahas ok.. back to life.
for the past week, had orientation on 26, 27 and 31 january.
then lectures started on 1st feb and i also had lectures on 2 feb (cny eve)
abit sad that tpjc dun really celebrate cny to a great extent while others do..
cant go back sec sch visit too coz i ended sch at 12...
had h2 maths, sci and talk on studying on 2 feb. totally forgotten how maths and sci revolve around me le.
h2 maths i dun understand !! ah!! first lecture only eh.
sci starting still can, but in the end already dun understand -.-
zomg!! h2 econs are nice(: currently. cozi understand and it sounded interesting and meaningful(:
attended more lectures also on 1 feb.
currently only left h1 chem lecture haven attend..

cny!! colleected many many angbaos but i want more!! kidding(:
hahas. visited alot alot of hses le. this yr nt planning to go malaysia le.
ok. cca display next wed. i dunno which cca to join!! arh!!! hahas.

ok. that's all.  (:

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Saturday, January 29, 2011
29 january 2011

wa, it's been a long time since i posted or view my blog.
i wanted to post abt my china trip but nah, lazy, wait til i'm nt!
hahas. posted to tpjc sci, starting sad, but now i sort of enjoy tpjc.
i tried appealing le, if god really wants me to be in tpjc, he will put me there.
i will obey Him. hehe. tpjc orientation was nt bad, but the talks really made my butt pain after sitting on the floor for so long...
now i'm fretting, chem/ phy h1 leh??
ok. shallnt post too much, need to look after my mum coz she's having high fever and cough very badly. may god bless her then.
missed church ):  coz i decided to look after my mama. (:

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Thursday, January 13, 2011
13 january 2011

hahas. now at airport t1 waiting for the aeroplane to fly. (: ate nasi lemak from ah wang (:. ok random .. bye (:

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13 january 2011

wow. went to mjc open hoise today. went for the principal talk, watch performances, talk to seniors, collect goodie bags etc. was chaotic.

then sylvia, dorcas and enhui went to my hse for fun. then i went to ahma hse to pack up my luggage for tmr morning's trip. tmr i'm supposed to wake up at 4??? omg.!!

choosing and deciding on the schools is the toughest decision i've ever made!!
 but nevertheless these are my choices.

1. mj sci
2. mj arts
3. nyjc sci
4. tp sci
5.sr sci
6. tp arts
7. nyj rts
8.sr arts
9. np business studies
10. sp accontacy
11. tp accountancy and finance
12. sp financial informatics

yup. tough decision but nvm.

ok cannot blog le. need to sleep... see u guys soon. i'll try to blog in china if they have wifi. yup that's all..


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
11 January 2011

Wow. My o levels grades are really awesome (to me). I did not expect this to happen. 
Firstly, I really wanna thank God for giving me the results. This is far better than what I have expected for my results. 
Secondly, I want to thank my teachers and all those who have helped me by tutoring me and giving me tons of patience when I dun understand the question or topic.
Thirdly, I want to thank my family for the never ending support and encouragements that they gave me.
Fourthly, the church friends and also my dearest PS2 MEMBERS (: it is wonderful to have a cell where I can have authentic sharing.
Last but not the least, everyone else (:
Ok. Here are my results...

English language B3,
Combined humanities A2
Emaths A2
Principles of accounts (POA) A2 (it’s disappointing as I never get below A1 BEFORE ):   )
Higher Chinese C6
Lastly, Chinese (that i took in 2009) A2 (quite disappointing coz I wanted A1)
L1R5: 14-4(CCA AND HCL) =10
L1R4: 10

YUP. After getting my results, went out with enhui, liying, yujing, jingyi, dunkai, Jeremy loh, weisheng, nigel, zhan kuan, zhao meng and Darren. Went to yoshinoya for dinner and kbox for 3 hrs I think. Reached home like 10 plus reaching 11pm. Then talked to twinnie until 12 plus. Hahas (:  ok currently that’s all folks (: blog again soon (:

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